Avalon Achieve™

A tool to track how your students are enriching their school experience

Avalon Achieve™ is a cloud-based tool to encourage wider student participation in a variety of activities taking place both in and outside school.

For students

Avalon Achieve™ makes it easy for students to discover fixtures, clubs, events and other activities that are taking place.

If there is an activity they participate in outside of school, they can simply add this to their list to bring to their teacher’s attention.

As students attend and complete any event, they are given points that count towards achievements in that event type and, eventually, awards.

When students first log in, they can see their own progress towards achieving an award. They are also reminded of events they’ve signed up to that are coming up – no more missed football practices!

For teachers and support staff

Teachers and support staff can view their students’ recent activity to support, encourage and promote conversation around a student’s interests. Characteristic data can be used to identify those requiring extra support and encouragement.

Those in charge of an event-based activity can easily see at a glance how many students have signed up for a specific event on a certain date. This is especially useful to gauge resource requirements or to double-check you have enough players for a competition.

When the event takes place, teachers and other event leaders can take a register of attendance. To make it easier, student photos are displayed (when available) to help identify individuals.

The registration screen of Avalon Achieve™ showing a series of filter options across the top of the screen. A grid of students, their tutor group and whether they are present or not is displayed underneath.

For senior leaders

Senior leaders can view student progress towards awards, allowing recognition of achievements to be easily identified and celebrated. Student characteristic data such as FSM, SEN or Pupil Premium can be leveraged to confirm those students are receiving extra support and encouragement, where necessary.

For data managers

Avalon Achieve™ can utilise existing data based in a school MIS. We use Wonde to synchronise data between most school MIS solutions and Avalon Achieve™. Sign-in is supported from common identity management services such as Google and Microsoft Entra. We can also provide bespoke data sync and sign-in options if preferred.

More Information

You may download a datasheet containing further information. Alternatively, if you’d prefer someone to get in contact to discuss your options further, please fill out the form here.