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A Map of Arthurian Britain

Below you will find a map showing some of the most important features of Arthurian Britain including Logres (England), Lothian (Scotland) and Wales. The map indicates sites of significance during King Arthur's life and reign such as the main castles of Arthurian Britain, sites of important events or legend that are associated with Arthur's life.

Map of Arthurian Britain

Tintagel Castle Birthplace of King Arthur Though there is no strong evidence that King Arthur was actually born at Tintagel, intriguingly, a visit to the Tintagel museum will show a fragment recovered from the site from around the correct period with the name Arcturus scratched upon it - Arcturus is the Latin version of Arthur. Tintagel, though spectacular and dramatically sited high on the cliffs of a headland in North Cornwall is not Camelot. This is a common misconception.

Camelot The heart of King Arthur's Kingdom Camelot was the the legendary castle of King Arthur, it was the seat of his power in Britain and symbolised the Golden Age of Chivalry.

The Round Table There is much debate about both who made the Round Table and where it was housed. There is one such table still currently in Winchster, of which you can read more about here Winchester Round Table. Other sites currently suggested are: Arthur's Round Table Stone Circle, Mayburgh (Cumberland), King's Knot, Stirling (Stirlingshire)Arthur's Table, Caerleon (Monmouthshire), Bwrdd Arthur, Llanddona (Anglesey), and Pen y Fan, Brecon (Brecheiniog). Home Page © All rights reserved. | Advertising on Avalon